Tuesday, November 25, 2008

No limit for Firefox

This is simple but brilliant! Alex made what he called "FoxGlove", it is a portable Firefox 3.0 based, fully customized to better integrate with all Google Apps such as Gmail, GCal, Docs, GTalk, Notebook and so on. It is very easy to take on a USB key everywhere. It also integrate a Google Chrome-like theme and you can have several versions with different Google Accounts open at the same time. Indeed it is very very usefull...at least for me ;-)

Why Google did not think about this before?
Defenitively there is no limit to Firefox customization power!


Monday, November 24, 2008

iPhone 2.2, my view

As everybody I upgraded to iPhone OS 2.2 during the week-end. No big stuff for me, only minor changes. Yes I am aware we now have Google Maps Streetview, we can download podcast directly (although you can not subscribe to podcast but only download one episode), have some changes in Safari UI and so on.
BUT, what I noticed, and this is a big fix for me: caller ID is now working fine for me...Mr iPhone should have read my blog ;-) The problem before was for all phone number that I input with the country code in a format +Countrycode ... It could not regognize them when the person call me. Now it seems working fine, this is a really usefull fix.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

iPhone compare to the Stone Age

Don't make me regret my purchase :-(
Actually I never used MMS or videocall and I really don't care. It is true that I would like to see video recording (I am sure this will come soon or later) and changeable memory cards (this one will probably never come).

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Firefox 3 rocks

No, it's not new! But I realized not long ago that I do not use anymore Safari on my Mac. The integration with MacOS is now really good, not petfect though: I am still missing integration with Keychain (Mac password manager). I wish also a simple way to sync bookmarks between Safari and Firefox since we will not get Firefox on iphone any time soon.
The 2 most useful new features for me as a user are:
- The new "awesome bar", it changes the way I search my bookmarks and history
- Tags on bookmarks: I don't organize my bookmarks into folders, I just mark them with relevant tags, it's much more convenient.
And more is to come on the upcoming 3.1...

-- Post From My iPhone

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Starting with Doctrine ORM

Preparing myself to switch from Symfony 1.0 to Symfony 1.2 as my default framework, I started to read the Doctrine documentation to get familiar with it - I used Propel as default ORM in Symfony before. I bet I am not the only one in the community...

I have not yet reached the end but I cannot resist to share my feeling about this amazing piece of code. As a symfony developer I do not need to read all Doctrine documentation since a lot of things are automatically generated thanks to the tied integration between the 2 frameworks.

Since I was used to Propel behaviors and installed in most of my projects some pretty standard plugins to create behaviors such as: Slug, Versionning, Nested set, Tags... I came to realize that most of those plugins are actually part of Doctrine out-0f-the-box! Just an example from the documentation to create a simple wiki with i18n (internationalization), slug, search and versionning (it could be apply as well to a CMS or whatever you wants):

fields: [title, content]
fields: [title, content]
fields: [title, content]
fields: [title]
title: string(255)
content: string
Even thought I will propably prefered to use Lucene for the search part, all the rest is amazing: just a few lines in your schema.yml files and "hop!" you got everything ready (I don't even mentioned that you actually nest those behaviors here...). They even have a "Geographical" behavior that I definitively want to test later.
It is also more readable and make more sens - to me at least- to define behaviors in the schema.yml file rather than in each class of the model.

There is no doubt, Doctrine is a good move! And remember: I am just talking about behaviors here, there are much more things in the documentation...I still need to go to read them...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


This is really what I call creativity on iPhone ;-)

iPhone usage study

A very interesting study on how people use their iPhone and how to improve application based on this study.

Gmail got voice and video

They never sleep in Googleplex! They launched yesterday video and voice chat within gmail. I am eager to test this live. It will for sure shake the all IM market that was not very innovative lately. I like that, we are going to see innovation again in this area hopefully ;-)
Don't forget, you need to install a plugin first.


Monday, November 10, 2008

What kind of camera is this?

I had the surprise to get these photos with my iphone camera:

is my iphone kind of schizophrenic?

Yes indeed, I found a new "features" in my iPhone: "adding wind" to your photo!

What kind of strange distortion!
Anyone got that effect before?

-- Post From My iPhone