Friday, March 6, 2009

(not) welcome to Macau

A drawing from South China Morning Post after a couple of HK residents have been rejected to enter in Macau (journalists, politicians...). Even China is accepting them...
Things are not really going well here related to human rights. There are more and more "VIP" people from HK rejected and nobody knows why. The local government did not explain anything...spring is going to be hot between Macau and HK ;-)

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Monday, March 2, 2009

Gmail on steroid

The guys in Google working on Gmail are not stopping their innovation while the crisis is around...and this is good for us! They have launched (in beta only, within the "labs") a couple of very useful features:
  • Tasks. You can simply add email to a todolist, it is simple but extremely useful. From there you manage your task (due date, completed, related email,notes...). I started to use it and did not stop.
  • Offline mode. This is a killer feature for sure! With Google Gears installed (while HTML5 is on the way) you can use Gmail even without any Internet connection. This is a big step forward to make Gmail a powerful tool. This offline is also available for Google Reader and Documents (Calendar is also coming). With those enhancements (plus a couple of smaller one), I gave up to use Apple Mail for my main pro email account, Gmail is really convenient.
  • Gtalk plugin. A few month ago Google release a browser plugin to add audio and video to your Gmail chat. Basically you got a skype replacement inside Gmail, this is great too.
There are many more new "Labs" features that could be useful for anyone, don't miss them!

Since I know that all those good guys in Google are reading my blog everyday ;-) I would like to request a few more things:
  1. please help us to easily manage multiple gmail accounts.
  2. If Google Gears was able to install in Mozilla Prism we could have a kind of desktop client for GMail...and first point would be already solved!
Don't forget that all those new features are provided in "Labs" and are still experimental.