Thursday, January 21, 2010

a new version for sfAdminThemejRollerPlugin 0.2

Finally! We finally managed to catch up and prepare a new version of our Symfony plugin to generate nice admin generator based on jQuery UI Themes.

We tagged this version as 0.2.0 since we still consider this plugin as beta version (but usable on production) but the big news is the support of symfony 1.4! For this specific support I must thank you 2 people that submited 2 patches to make this compatibility possible. Thanks to ( jtexier , "merci Jerome ;-)") and dalexandre and of course I must named jeremyb for his dedication to the project, he did most of the latest development.

I also setup a live demo to allow you to play a little bit with the plugin. It is currently basic but we will add more stuff step by step.

What's new:
  • Theme switcher integrated
  • user interface fixes and enhancements
  • Symfony 1.4 compatibility

You can have some more details on my previous post.

The plugin is available as usual on github, I published as well the packaged plugin on symfony website.




Screen shot 2010-01-21 at 10.48.44 AM.png