Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Symfony 1.2, now available in shops!

Symfony 1.2 is finally officially out! As usual, it comes with a lot of very good documentation available.
After almost 3 years using Symfony 1.0, I've started to read some documentation for the new version and what I can say is simple: WOW!
I've really enjoyed to work with SF in the past years but I am now sure I will enjoy even more working with the 1.2 release...provided that I take the time to learn all the new "powers". Because this is the drawback of this version: coming from 1.0 you have to learn a lot of new stuff to master symfony. But don't get me wrong, I don't complain, I perfectly understand the need to learn more and all the new powers you get in hands when Peter Parker discovered his spider powers ;-)
Coming from Symfony 1.0, here is the list of what impress me the most so far:
- the form framework
- the new admin generator based on the form framework
- the new routing system...still need to read more about it.
- doctrine integration. Doctrine is not new as such but I used propel before and want now to switch. Doctrine is amazing (see my previous post) and now fully integrated in SF.

Enough for today! I go back to my reading:-)
Meanwhile, SF team is doing again it's famous advent calendar based on 1.2... go job guys!

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