Thursday, January 15, 2009

My view on CMS - the backend, part 1

CMS is a complex topic, everybody is talking about this and everybody has a different approach. I don't want to give my own concept here (should I have one ;-) but simply have a practical approach based on a project we have to do for one of our customer (largest casino in the world...). We did the first version of its CMS based on a typical Symfony 1.0/Propel/MySQL5.

We are now in the process to re-write the all application to make it useful for further projects and customers and optimize things based on our small experience. We decided to make the "big sf jump": symfony 1.2/Doctrine! It is not an easy choice since we did not have yet any experience neither with symfony 1.2 nor doctrine but we believed it was worth to make the jump specially due to the new admin generator and the form framework, not mentioning all the goodies from doctrine itself.

When you build a CMS, it is quite common to think first about the backend that will allow your customer to manage its content in an more-or-less easy to use interface. This interface is a key for a CMS success (along with its flexibility and extensibility). On my course to draw the backend interface I've tried to pick the best patterns (at least to me) from SPIP (a french CMS), Joomla and Wordpress. Thanks to Balsamic, I quickly draw what would be our CMS backend, at least for page management (the central part of the cms). See below for mockups.

List of pages

The list of pages should use symfony admin generator to keep its flexibility, therefore there is a lot of work on css and javascript fronts. A few things will become ajax (I will publish later my 2 cents jquery plugin to ajaxified a symfony admin generator list): pagination and the new live search.

For the list of filters, I wanted to make them less obstrusive, with some ideas from Google Docs search options (show and hide them) as well as Apple iTunes smartlist configuration. The latest will be a little bit more tricky to do...probably not for version 1!

For the need of a CMS we add the following elements to the default admin generator:
  • Live search will "ajaxly" filter the list according to a search on title and content of the page.
  • New batch actions such as "copy" and "move" pages.
  • A left sidebar to navigate in a tree way (based on nested set). This navigation will filter the table in the same way as live search (ajax as well).
As we use Doctrine, we will use of lot of out-of-the-box behaviors: Nested set, versioning, i18n and of course Timestampable.

Next step we will look at the page edition view...see you there!

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