Monday, November 9, 2009

what's up on sfAdminThemejRollerPlugin?

I finally found some time to add new stuff on the unpronounceable plugin, and thanks to some new contributors more are to come (thanks JeremyB ;-). Here is the list of change:

  • As I mentioned in my previous post, I add a new config field named 'show' for the admin generator. I guess the meaning of this new option is quite obvious, isn't it? It adds the possibility to simply view one object details without editing it. It currently shows the list of fields like it is for the 'edit' view, meaning with a tab interface.
  • UI improvements (done by jeremyb): as you can see in the 2 screenshots below there are many improvements such as the new 'reset' button next to the filter button, the sort arrows, new css styles for object actions, new pager view and finally the batch action select box is now also supporting the theme roller

The top part looks like this:

  • notice the new 'reset' button next to 'filters'

  • the up and down arrow on the table column names

  • the new css style for the object actions

...and the bottom part (new paginator and the select box is also styled according to your roller theme):

the edit view (buttons are accessible both on top and button of the form, tabs are now vertical):

The current code is available in github only. It is not yet ready for a new plugin release, we are still missing some key elements.


  1. Sounds great, keep up the great work! ;)

  2. Hey,

    I didn't see your post until now, I need to update my RSS list of your blogs ;-) There is still some work before the next release but the work already done is very interesting.

    Stay tuned ;-)

    Oh, and I also must write a post on my blog about sfAdminThemejRollerPlugin.