Friday, August 28, 2009

New version for the symfony jRoller admin theme

I have just released the version 0.1.3 of the symfony plugin named (take a deep breath ;-) "sfAdminThemejRollerPlugin". I fixed a few inconsistency and allow to change to your own theme without the need to install your own version of jQuery and jQuery UI. Within the plugin there is only one theme named "redmond" (what a bad idea to name a theme like this :-( but you can download one from and install it on your own web directory (see README file).
I have also uploaded it to and to the official symfony svn repository.
Taste it and enjoy it!



  1. Looking forward to trying this out - good work!

    How does the Print and export functions work?

  2. @cleve: print, export and show view are not yet implemented. Those features will take some time but I will definitively post as soon as I start.

  3. ah that's cool - I saw the image above with the "Print" menu - then looked through the code but couldn't see anything.

    You might find this useful:

    That does excel/csv dumping.

    Yours looks cooler though ;-)

  4. @cleve: yep sorry for the misunderstanding in showing this screenshot. I have seen the plugin you mentioned and I want to take some time to look how it works and use something similar. Thx