Friday, August 28, 2009

Propel ORM is dying?

as we used to say in French: "Propel is dead, long live Doctrine!". Indeed it seems that Propel development as slow down to a point where the lead developer quit the project (see his post). Guys, there are no more excuse to not look at Doctrine for all your Symfony project (and more).


  1. Any tips on reading about moving from Propel to Doctrine. Seems like I need to port some websites.

  2. Here Here!

    I found Doctrine daunting myself but once I switched I can't imagine going back. The queries I had to find complex solutions for with Propel are one liners with Doctrine.

    I believe symfony components like the admin generator could be twice as powerful if they just had to develop it for one ORM. Plugins would work for all projects. Instead of plugin developers creating 'ports' to doctrine they could help improve the features of a said plugin.

    @daniel: I just read the jobeet tutorial for Doctrine and read all the doctrine documentation.

  3. @daniel: I have not yet port any projects from Propel to Doctrine although most of my projects are Propel based.
    I guess that you should first adapt a little bit your schema.yml (of course your databases.yml and ProjectConfiguration.class.php) to make sure it works with Doctrine, then a doctrine:build-model to generate the model class and their Table versions (equivalent to Peer class).
    If you followed quite well the MVC paradigm, you should work mainly on your Model and Peer class to "translate" them and then modify your controllers to call those new methods (or vice versa).
    This would be a good exercise to do and write some document on the symfony wiki...if I have some time...or anybody can start it.

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