Saturday, September 5, 2009

new version of sfAdminThemejRollerPlugin (v 0.1.4)

I have finally released a new version of this plugin with an unpronounceable name ;-) Here is the list of change:

  • I add a new field named 'show' for the admin generator. I guess the meaning of this new option is quite obvious, isn't it? It add the possibility to simply view one object details without editing it. It currently shows the list of fields like it is for the 'edit' view, meaning with a tab interface.

  • I also create a new class jRollerDoctrineGenerator to replace sfDoctrineGenerator if you want the default link (the one you create with the = sign before the field name in the generator.yml) to link to the 'show' view rather than by default going to the 'edit' view. So far this is the only added value of this class. Of course if you prefer to keep the link to the 'edit' view simply keep the default class sfDoctrineGenerator. To use it, you simply need to modify your generator.yml as followed:

class: jRollerDoctrineGenerator
theme: jroller

The source code is available on github for the moment, I want to finalize a few things before packaging a new plugin version. I also need to put the source code on svn.



  1. Good timing - was planning on finally checking out this plugin later today - I love active plugins

  2. Cool plugin will give it a spin definitely.

    Cheers !

  3. I give it a try and it is working fine.

    I have just a little bug on the save button in edit template.

    If I had icon on it, throught generator.yml, the icon goes on button center.

  4. This plugin became the very first plugin I added to a Symfony app. Great job!

  5. is there an sfAdminThememjRollerPlugin 1.4 tarball around?